Aerotherm® products for private label

Aerotherm® private label offer

Working closely with OEM and suppliers we've developed several products that could be manufactured under private label:

Insoles, various options

Flat and molded EVA or PU insoles, fabric on top. 2mm or 3mm of aerogel insulation. Thickness is 4-5 mm (flat), 7-8 mm (molded).


Very thin (2.5mm) insole with PU foam on top



Soft cooler case.  Aerogel insulation, volume for 6 beer cans. Could be easily folded and takes little space. Keeps products cool for more than 3 hours in +40C environment.




Soft insulated case for a bottle or a can. Keeps liquid cold for more than 3 hours in +45C environment. Takes little space.